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Spine Procedures

  • Lumbar Decompression

    Lumbar Decompression

    Lumbar decompression is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure over the compressed nerves in the lower spine.

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  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is the latest technology available to perform spinal surgeries through small...

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  • Neck Surgery

    Neck Surgery

    Neck surgery is a surgical procedure employed for the treatment of neck pain when conservative measures such as physical...

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  • Lumbar Fusion Procedures

    Lumbar Fusion Procedures

    The surgical technique of combining two or more vertebrae is known as spinal fusion.

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  • Spinal Tumor Surgery

    Spinal Tumor Surgery

    A spinal tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue surrounding or found within your spinal cord and/or spinal column.

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  • Motion Preservation Surgery

    Motion Preservation Surgery

    Motion preservation surgery or Motion Preservation Spine Surgery (MPSS) is a relatively new surgical method employed...

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  • Robotic Spine Surgery

    Robotic Spine Surgery

    Robotic spine surgery is a procedure where your surgeon is assisted by a robotic system to perform surgery to the spine.

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  • Outpatient Spine Surgery

    Outpatient Spine Surgery

    Outpatient spine surgery is an operative procedure that does not require an overnight stay at the hospital.

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  • Non-Surgical Spine Treatments

    Non-Surgical Spine Treatments

    In most cases, back pain can be resolved without surgery. The conservative treatment involves the use of pain medications...

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  • Non-Operative Treatments for Lower Back Injuries

    Non-Operative Treatments for Lower Back Injuries

    Non-operative treatments for lower back injuries are conservative or non-surgical remedies employed for the treatment...

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  • Back and Neck Braces

    Back and Neck Braces

    The spine is composed of spinal bones called vertebrae, intervertebral discs, connective tissue, and muscles.

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  • Back Pain Exercises

    Back Pain Exercises

    Strenuous activities of daily living can stress the back resulting in pain.

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  • Nutrition and Your Spine

    Nutrition and Your Spine

    Nutrients are the chemical components present in food, which provide energy for carrying out normal physiological...

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  • Spine Medications

    Spine Medications

    Medications play an effective role in the treatment of back or neck pain. Your doctor may prescribe several medications...

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  • Complications of Spinal Surgery

    Complications of Spinal Surgery

    Possible complications may occur before surgery, during surgery, and after surgery.

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  • Spine Comprehensive Medicine

    Spine Comprehensive Medicine

    Spine comprehensive medicine involves comprehensive care of acute or chronic neck or back injuries or conditions.

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  • Healthy Back Tips

    Healthy Back Tips

    Back and neck pain is the most common health problems experienced by most people, at some point in their lives.

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  • Possible Complications of Spinal Surgeries

    Possible Complications of Spinal Surgeries

    Possible complications may occur before surgery, during surgery, and after surgery.

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  • Degenerative Spine Surgery

    Degenerative Spine Surgery

    Degenerative spine surgery includes surgical procedures to treat degenerative spine conditions such as disc disease...

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